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     Realthing Anti-Counterfeit Co., Ltd (Abbreviation: Realthing) is a joint venture between China and Israel which focuses on the development of 2-D Barcode (RFID or smart card) Anti-counterfeit system. Encryption product "Counter-Fight" whose encryption type is chaotic was developed by Cryptocodex (the Israeli company) and is a world top encryption technology which had obtained international patent for invention.



  • Food Use 2-D Barcode to protect food; Ensure food safety......more
  • Medicine Add a 2-D Barcode on your medicine; Say goodbye to the fake...... more
  • Document Secure your documents by 2-D Barcode ......more

Technology benefit

    The foreign side is an company named Cryptocodex from Israel,The world top encryption product Counter-Fight whose encryption type is chaoticdeveloped by Cryptocodex had obtained international patent for invention. Counter-Fight is a unique and unbreakable encryption system.

  • 1.Counter-Fight is a DataBase-Less system.
  • 2.The encryption is non-mathematical and chaotic,

    thus unbreakable.

  • 3.Adopt unique compression technology,

    thus store volume is large.

  • 4.Counter-Fight is suitable for protecting a large variety of products against fraud and counterfeit.

Counter-Fight Viedo

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